[Samba] Almost all working, except for "[: too many arguments" on samba login

Blanchard, Michael MBlanchard at grandaire.com
Fri Feb 8 09:01:07 GMT 2002

I've fixed my WINS server problems (long story) got all my "wbinfo"'s
working, along with creating home directories and everything, but now I
have 1 problem and one question.

1. whenever a user logs in with a winbind user account, it says "[: too
many arguments"  This only started since I added a line in system.auth
for the pam_mkhomedirs.so to make the directories.  If I remove that
line, I still get the error.  Can I safely ignore it, or is it a symptom
of a big problem?

2.  I'm running redhat 7.2.  Is there anway to avoide having to add
winbind.so to all of the \etc\pam.d\* files?  I thought there was a
single file you could edit to change them all?

Also, thanks to all the samba members!  Now that I've got 2.2.3a
working, I'm amazed at what open source can accomplish :)

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