[Samba] Samba server for multiple users and projects

Loo, Joseph loo at littongcs.com
Fri Feb 8 06:31:29 GMT 2002

If you could implement acl support on your system and compile samba with acl
support, you probably could do it based on users. There you can set the
permissions on the directories and files for individual users.

This probably will require either ext3 or xfs file system if I recall

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Subject: [Samba] Samba server for multiple users and projects

I'm looking to set up a samba server which will host directories
for multiple projects.  Each user in the system will have a list
of projects which he/she can access.  The trick is that I want
each users to be able to see the directories for only those
projects he/she has access to.  Not being able to see into the
directories of unauthorized projects isn't enough, they shouldn't
even see the top level directory for the project.

My closest attempt at this was to create a linux user group for each
project and have each project group list the members who could
access it.  Then for each user, I create a symlink in that users
home directory for each project he has access to.  So far we're good,
each users only sees the right projects.  Where I ran into trouble
was when a user tried to create a new file - that file was owned
by that user as expected, but the group was the primary group of that
user (which makes sense), but I need it to be the project group so
the other project members can read/write the file.

I could create a samba share for each project and force the group
used for file creates, but that would violate my requirement that
each user only see the projects (in this case which would be shares)
that they are entitled to see.

This system is meant to replace an old netware server which did exactly
what was desired - the user could only see what they actually had access

Anyone have any ideas?

Steve Prior

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