[Samba] problem switching PDC from NT4 to Samba

Albrecht Dreß adress at idsystems-ag.de
Fri Feb 8 01:01:05 GMT 2002

First, thanks a lot for all your replies...

Am 07.02.2002 18:02 schrieb(en) Bryan Fetzer:
> Josh is absolutely correct. NT 4 is not gunna go
> anywhere up or down. The only thing you can do is

Hmpf... I already feared that. Every day I have to use some Micro$not 
stuff, I *love* it more :-/

> demote it to a BDC. That's about it, if you want it to
> be a member server and dont' want to install, I
> suggest backing up, and then using this utility:
> http://www.algintech.com/UTools/UPromote.asp
> that's about the only thing you can do

I guess the best way to get rid of these problems once and forever is 
to just flatten NT and replace it by something really solid (== Linux/ 
Samba), right?!?

Thanks again,


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