[Samba] Windows 2000 WS

Steven Maroney steve at euterpe.math.uno.edu
Thu Feb 7 16:11:08 GMT 2002

Hey guys (and gals):

I want to congradulate my self for accomplishing cross subnet browsig
using 1 Windows Me LMB and Samba as the DMB/LMB/PDC.

Next problem is joing a Windows 2000 box to join and authenticate accounts
trough the samba PDC. I cant find documentation that explains the theroy
or how to do it.

When I change my workgroup name to a domain, Win2k prompts me my logon
name and pasword. No Problem, I enter this info.

Next step I am prompted for a user name and password that is allowed to
join the given domain. 

Can someone point me to  the correct documentation or give me some hints


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