[Samba] How to verify smb communication

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Thu Feb 7 14:09:25 GMT 2002

check out smbcontrol man page

"Grimes, Michael E {PBSG}" wrote:
> Howdy,
> I have a situation that I would like some ideas. I have a SAMBA connection
> that is used to transfer files to an AIX platform. I monitor the process
> table to be sure smbd and nmbd are running, but on several occasions the
> processes were running, the NT drive was still mapped, but no files were
> able to be transferred. The lights were on, but nobody was home. When SAMBA
> was recycled, transmissions resumed.
> My alerting medium (email and pages) is available only from the AIX side. Is
> there some utility that I can use from the AIX side to verify that the
> connection is active (is there an smbping)? I am aware of smbstatus, but I
> do not know if this will give me what I am looking for. If it does, what
> should I be looking at to make a determination?
> Thanks for the help,
> Mike
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