[Samba] samba 2.2.3

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Thu Feb 7 08:46:07 GMT 2002


ACEAlex wrote:
> The upgrade is from 2.2.0. Is there any other things that might need some
> attention?
I upgraded a samba PDC from 2.2.0 to 2.2.2 a few weeks ago.

I changed the name of the /var/lock/samba directory
to /var/cache/samba on this occasion (seems to be the 
new standard)

I saved the following files:

I also saved the files under /etc/samba/ like the smb.conf
and the smbpasswd and secrets.tdb files.

To be sure, just do a backup of these directories before
you start the upgrade.

One hint: As it turned out, the meaning of the "%U" 
substitution variable has changed: It now substitutes
to the username _with all characters turned into lowercase_!
This can be important if you have usernames with uppercase
characters and want to use roaming profiles. In that case
don't use the "%U" substitution!!! Very bad things will happen!
(like loosing all your e-mail because windows can't find your
profile anymore :-(( ). "%u" seems to be better in that case!

(This isn't mentioned in any releasenote it seems. I found 
this after long hours of debugging by looking into the source 
code only!)


- andreas

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