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Look in the docs directory for .reg files - theres one for Win95 and Win98
that you can apply to your
clients to make them sent plaintext passwords.
This has been a frequent question on the list, so I suspect this is why no
one answered.
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No one at all knows how to connect to Samba shares with Win9X machine?
I just want to connect to a few simple file shares.  Surely Samba can do

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I have Samba 2.2.2 setup on Sun Solaris 8.
I also have a Cisco PIX Firewall/VPN setup in front of it.
Clients login to the VPN over the internet and then connect to shared
I have this working GREAT for users of Windows 2000/Windows XP.
What configuration changes do I need to make to my smb.conf to allow for
Win9x architecture machines to access the shared drives?  OR what config do
I need to change on the Win9x clients?
The only thing I did to allow the Win2K/XP clients to log on was go into the
admin tools section and find the local security policy setting which allows
to send clear text password to 3rd party SMB servers and set that to enable.
After that mapping to \\server\share <file://\\server\share>  works great.
They also have to do a "Connect As" if they don't have the same
username/password that is setup on the Solaris server.
Any help or comments appreciated.  Feel free to reply directly to me if you
padair at pntsi.ca <mailto:padair at pntsi.ca> 

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