[Samba] NT Domain Help

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Thu Feb 7 07:46:49 GMT 2002

I assume when you say Linux 7.1 you mean Red Hat Linux 7.1, so here goes...

If you get Session failed on trying to join the domain, it is because the 
Samba machine cannot talk to the NT PDC.  I would look at the firewall 
settings on Red Hat, as I have seen this kind of problem reported 
before.  Have you tried smbclient \\\\PDC_NAME\\A_Share -I ip.add.re.ss -U 
username ? this should ask for your password, and if not, either you cannot 
see the network or you just cannot talk SMB from the samba machine to the 
PDC, and it is definately the firewalling or networking.


At 04:23 PM 2/7/02 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi all .... I'm finding myself with steam coming out my ears for the 
>strain that I'm taking with Samba at the moment. I need your help bit time.
>Here is the situation. I have a NT 4.0 PDC sp6 and a newly installed Samba 
>server on Linux 7.1 with all patches applied. I would like our NT users to 
>be able to view the shares that I have set on the server, but by using 
>thier NT user and domain names. I have read the man pages tons of times 
>but I am still missing something to make it all snap together and some 
>other troubles too.
>First thing is that I cant get the smbpasswd -j -r etc to join the samba 
>server to the domain. I just get session failed. Funny thing is that the 
>server is listed in the server manger on the PDC, but when trying to 
>delete it, it says that it has already been deleted.
>I have tried security = server with no luck. I am a little unsure on how 
>to setup users and which users need to go where etc ....
>Help is appreciated.
>Mark Johnston


Life's a bitch, but so am I.

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