[Samba] Windows XP and Samba

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Feb 7 07:27:10 GMT 2002

Jochen Roedenbeck <roe at spl-spindel.de> schrieb:

> We have a local network with Samba 2.0.3 on SuSE-Linux and some
> Windows 95 and Windows 98 clients. All works fine.

Really 2.0.3, or rather 2.2.3? If you're using 2.0.x, you should upgrade
to 2.0.10. However, there where some problems with 2.0 and Win2k/XP -
you can't join a domain with a Samba-PDC with Win2K or XP unless you
upgrade to 2.2.x

> Now we have got a new Windows XP computer, and we found no way
> to connect to the Samba server from that computer.

Is it XP Professional or Home edition? If it's home edition, you loose :-(

> 3. If I double-click the symbol of the Samba server an error 
>    message is shown saying "Auf \\CERES kann nicht zugegriffen
>    werden. Sie haben eventuell keine Berechtigung, diese Netz-
>    werkresource zu verwenden. ..." (in English: You cannot access
>    \\CERES. May be, you are not allowed to use this network
>    resource." 

I think that means that you haven't joined the domain. This process
isn't necessary with Win9x, but with WinNT and its successors. The good
thing is that you don't have to create users on the client machines,
which you have on a standalone NT machine.

Joining and all that is described in docs/htmldocs/Samba-PDC-howto.html
for the 2.2 versions.

The other option, if right now you can't upgrade, would be to stop
beeing an PDC - mainly by removing the domain logons - line and related
parameters, and the [netlogon]-share.

>       wins support = yes

I believe this can stay there

>       logon script =%U.bat
>       domain logons = yes

This has to be removed if you can't upgrade

>       domain master = yes
>       preferred master = yes

This may lead to problems with the XP box if you're no longer PDC,
perhaps you've got to play around with OS level etc.
>    [netlogon]

And this one.

Grüßle, Frank

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