[Samba] Re: smbd memory leak

Detlef Lammermann detlef.lammermann at er.materna.de
Thu Feb 7 06:45:17 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter wrote:
> On 16 Jan 2002, Mark Shearar wrote:
> > Further to my (as yet unanswered) last 2 requests for help, I can add
> > the following:
> >
> > I tried reconfiguring and recompiling without winbind and it made no
> > difference at all.
> >
> > I've just reinstalled another server for a client (RH7.2, samba 2.2.2
> > with smbmount and pam and without winbind and it works perfectly - no
> > leaks at all).  My server I've reinstalled 3 times and it consistently
> > has the same runaway smbd process. I can kill that process and it just
> > restarts under a different PID.  Currently I'm running a cron job every
> > night to killall -9 smbd and then reload it again (killall -HUP smbd
> > does *not* kill the relevant process and free the memory used, only
> > killall -9.)  Obviously this is a nasty hack and it does affect
> > performance.
> The sugject refers to a memory leak, but this paragraph refers to a
> runaway process.  Do you mean runaway memory usage?
> Are you running as a PDC?  if so, up the log level and look
> for NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER or a similar message.  I fixed a
> memory leak relating to domain logons a few weeks ago.  It's in the cvs
> tree or I can send you a patch.

Hello Jerry,

I can see the same problem here and your assumption perfectly matches.
Is this patch included in 2.2.3a (I found no hint in the WHATSNEW)?


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