[Samba] Trouble with iptables and connecting to Samba

Jeroen v.d. Westelaken j.westelaken at execute-it.nl
Thu Feb 7 06:16:03 GMT 2002


I'm new at Linux and I've got a problem with Samba and the settings of my
I'm using Bastille scripts to configure my iptables.

This is the problem: when the iptables are 'up', I can't connect to Samba
from a Windows machine in the local network. The Windows machine simply
can't find the Linux server on which Samba is running. When I 'drop' the
iptables, the local windows machine can find the Samba server.
Then, after I restored the iptables, the Windows machine still can find the
Samba server. But when I restart the Windows machine it can't find it any
Obviously the iptables are blocking something, but I don't know what. I put
in some rules of which I think allow connectivity from the local network on
ports 136 to 140.

Can anyone help me whit this problem?

Jeroen v.d. Westelaken

E-mail: j.westelaken at execute-it.nl

Internet: http://www.execute-it.nl

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