[Samba] Name Mangling

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Thu Feb 7 04:38:02 GMT 2002


   I know it's probably been asked before, and I know I'm usually answering 
questions on this list so I don't really expect an answer anyway, and 
there's always editing the source, but :

   Is thare any way of altering the mangling to be more M$-like?  I 
appreciate that it is pretty awful, but I have noticed a few badly-behaved 
early win32 programs assume "first6~1.ext" for file "First 6 
Characters.Extension" and it would be very nice and easier to pretend it's 
an M$ server if that was the same for samba.

   Thanks in advance


Martyn Ranyard

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