[Samba] Reconnect at logon fails

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Thu Feb 7 03:49:08 GMT 2002

Hi Steven,

   I was browsing the documentation for changes in 2.2.3 when I came across 
the LMHOSTS section of the HOWTO-Collection PDF.  You might try to add the 
server's IP address into your lmhosts file on the client with the #PRE 
option which will preload the name->IP adress mappling into memory.  This 
might make the connection more stable.

Hope this helps


At 10:55 AM 2/6/02 +0100, Steven Don wrote:
>I use my Win98 (First edition) machine to log on to a Linux
>(Mandrake, kernel 2.4.8) server running Samba (2.2.1a). I can log on
>to my home directory just fine, but when I reboot the system tells me
>it can't establish a permanent connection. It then presents me with a
>dialog box to ask me whether I want to try again on next bootup. If I
>double-click the disabled network drive from Explorer, it immediately
>activates without any problems. I've tried some Google and MS
>Knowledge Base searches on this issue. I've tried changing my user
>profile and logon method (Windows Logon --> Microsoft Family Logon --
> > Client for Microsoft Networks) to no avail. I've even tried
>swearing at my PC. Although not helpful, the latter certainly felt
>Is this a known problem (I couldn't find anything about it)? Any
>suggestions on what I might try to fix this?
>   Steven Don


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