[Samba] strange smbstatus behavior

Peter Hübschen pehu at wiwi.uni-sb.de
Wed Feb 6 13:26:03 GMT 2002


I have a RH7.1 machine with a 2.4.17-xfs kernel. On Monday I compiled 
and installed samba 2.2.3; compile options: --prefix=<pathtoosamba> 
--with-pam --with-quotas.
We use smbstatus to check if one login exists on more than one machine 
(complete command: smbstatus -S|grep <share_name>|sort) . Today it 
happend that smbstatus returned some entries 3, 4 and up to 8 times.
So I've did a su and did rerun the command, everything worked as normal.
So only if a user other than root runs this command the output is not 
With samba 2.2.2 this did not happen.


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