[Samba] PDC and yppasswd

Kevin G. J. Freels kevin at wildbrain.com
Wed Feb 6 13:05:03 GMT 2002


We are testing the implementation of Samba as a PDC as outlined
in Linux Magazine's "Using Samba as a PDC" by Andrew Bartlett
(Feb 2002, pg 16). This sounds great since we're actively trying
to get rid of a certain NT which acts as our PDC, and work
towards unifying our account namespace and storage environment.
Fortunately, Samba is assisting with this quite nicely.

However, in the article, the set up refers to an expect-like
configuration for passwords in the [global] section:

unix password sync = true
password program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = \
   *password* %n\n \
   *password* %n\n \

However, our UNIX users must use "yppasswd" to change their
passwords on each local system (really, updating the yp password
map). Our Samba server is not the same system as our NIS server,
so passwords must also be changed with yppasswd on that system.
The yppasswd routine requires *two* entries: the old (or current)
password, and the new password.  

My question: is there a set up for this? It looks like the
password chat deals with only one variable, i.e., the old
password. I have been told that there exists the possibility that
using plain "passwd" on a yp client will change the yppasswd
regardless, but I have had time to confirm that. Have NIS issues
like this one been addressed?


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