[Samba] Backup Solution:(SAMBA)

David Rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Wed Feb 6 10:33:02 GMT 2002

I do a similar backup of my server to a separate windows machine on a nighly basis using cron and smbclient and then burn to CD once per week.

(1) Use smbclient to mount a windows share to copy your server files to
(2) cp -auvf /var/(webserver dir) /mnt/computername/(backup dir)
(3) umount /mnt/computername

(4) set a cron job to run it whenever you want.

Nothing fancy, but in the event of a server failue, all you need to do is roll the files back in from the 2nd machine.

dnickel wrote:

> Our webservers are running a freebsd 4.2 servers. Our version of Veritas does not have a client for FreeBSD. I would like to use samba to make a complete backup of our server. Does anybody have any suggestions on what type of share to setup and how to setup authentication to share. We need to do a full makeup on all of the filesystems on the server.
> Thanks
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