[Samba] Samba feature that might be nice

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Wed Feb 6 09:27:11 GMT 2002


   A couple of times (especially when sorting out my scripts for the 
umpteenth time), I have deleted a unix user before the smb user.  This 
caused smbpasswd to panic and not delete the smb user.  As far as I can 
tell, this doesn't present a security issue, as if there is no user in 
/etc/passwd then you cannot use the account in samba anyway, however, it 
would be nice for smbpasswd, if passed the -x argument didn't look for the 
user in /etc/passwd, just to save hand-editing the smbpasswd file.

   Thanks for listening.

Martyn Ranyard

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