[Samba] smblcient printing problem

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Wed Feb 6 08:42:23 GMT 2002

When faced with this situation, I generally run my files through the 
programs todos and fromdos.

Most unices have them and they nicely translate the characters for me.

once you are able to print this way, you should investigate putting it all 
into a printer filter, then you can just do a

cat filename | lpr
or ls -l | lpr

on the linux box.

However, you may find that this network printer will talk lp which makes 
things even easier, you just have to modify your /etc/printcap and then 
pipe things to lpr as abve.


At 11:28 AM 2/6/02 -0500, Patrick.Charpentier at recreation.bombardier.com wrote:

>         I try to print from my Lunix Debian (potato) box to a network 
> printer.  It's Xerox DC.  I connect to the printer succesfully with this 
> command :
>Smbclient \\\\<machine name>\\<printer name> -U user -P
>In the smb command prompt, I type " print filename "   but my printer 
>print only the first line of the file on the paper
>When I try  " translate " and after " print filename ", the printer 
>superimpose all lines of the file into on line on the paper output.
>I think my printer donc recognize the " end line " caractère.
>Does anyone have a idea on how to solve this ?
>Thks a lot!


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