[Samba] smblcient printing problem

Patrick.Charpentier at recreation.bombardier.com Patrick.Charpentier at recreation.bombardier.com
Wed Feb 6 08:34:04 GMT 2002


	I try to print from my Lunix Debian (potato) box to a network
printer.  It's Xerox DC.  I connect to the printer succesfully with this
command :

Smbclient \\\\<machine <\\\\<machine>  name>\\<printer name> -U user -P

In the smb command prompt, I type " print filename "   but my printer print
only the first line of the file on the paper
When I try  " translate " and after " print filename ", the printer
superimpose all lines of the file into on line on the paper output. 

I think my printer donc recognize the " end line " caractère.

Does anyone have a idea on how to solve this ?

Thks a lot!

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