[Samba] Only one user for a file

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Wed Feb 6 08:20:37 GMT 2002

Well, just to add my 2 cents, locking=no is an insane thing to do.  By all
means, you can use it to test and satisfy your curiosity, but be aware
that data will become corrupt very fast.

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Christian Barth wrote:

I'm not sure what you mean wit "restrict the use to one user". Do you
mean if one user runs the application and an other one wants to start
it simultaniously, he gets a permission denied? In this case I would
try "locking = no" and a few other parameters for the share in
smb.conf. Or do you mean only a certain user can run the application
independend from what the other do? Than you may have to tune file
and directory permissions. Does this application need to write to its
files (ini's, locking, ...)

> This I think is a limitation of Unix.  In NT we can assign any number of
> users and groups with varied rights to any group of files or folders.  In
> UNIX you can only assign one user and one group to a set of files so either
> one person has control of the file, everyone in a group has control of the
> file, or the world has control of the file.  I wish there was a better way
> to do this because I can think of special cases where you need to do more
> specific things for instance:
> I have a Linux web server.  One of the directories I would like to have
> multiple users given Read/write control to so they can edit the web content.
> I'd like some of the directories to be read only to certain users and others
> to be read to everyone.  I can't really think of an efficient way to do this
> with the UNIX OS, but it would be very simple under NT.
With Unix users and groups you can be very tricky, and if you do not
maind to set up a couple of groups everything commonly needed can be
done. Or, a last in my experience: It can be done more than the
normal user wants to use actively (to my option file permissions of
data is user stuff not admin work). If you realy run out of
possiblities you can set up ACL'a on Unix to.


> -Dan
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> I have set up samba to be recognized on my NT/2K domain network and it does
> a great job with single user files.  I have attempted to use the file system
> to hold network programs and have run into this problem.   Some programs
> restrict the use of the program to one user;however, when installed on a 2K
> or NT server there is unlimited access.
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