[Samba] 2 GB Limit

Loo, Joseph loo at littongcs.com
Wed Feb 6 08:13:21 GMT 2002

I believe we are talking about files and not file systems. I agree the file
system can be larger that 2 gbytes but the files are limited to 2 gbytes at
least that is what your documentation use to say.

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"Loo, Joseph" <loo at littongcs.com> writes:

> I believe there was a discussion on this a while back. You will need to
> change to a different filesystem on the Linux side, e.g., jfs, ext3, xfs.
> You will then need to compile samba with large files.
> As far as I know, ntfs does not have this limitation. NFS version 1.0 may
> have this limitation but not 2.0.

You're wrong - ext2 supports it. You will need either a patched 2.2 or
a 2.4 kernel and glibc 2.2 (or patched 2.1) for support of this, also
your programs must be compiled with certain flags to enable it.

Two examples of LFS enabled Linux distributions are Red Hat Linux 6.2
Enterprise and Red Hat Linux 7.2

Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Red Hat, Inc.

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