[Samba] Reconnect at logon fails

Steven Don shd at earthling.net
Wed Feb 6 02:03:38 GMT 2002


I use my Win98 (First edition) machine to log on to a Linux 
(Mandrake, kernel 2.4.8) server running Samba (2.2.1a). I can log on 
to my home directory just fine, but when I reboot the system tells me 
it can't establish a permanent connection. It then presents me with a 
dialog box to ask me whether I want to try again on next bootup. If I 
double-click the disabled network drive from Explorer, it immediately 
activates without any problems. I've tried some Google and MS 
Knowledge Base searches on this issue. I've tried changing my user 
profile and logon method (Windows Logon --> Microsoft Family Logon --
> Client for Microsoft Networks) to no avail. I've even tried 
swearing at my PC. Although not helpful, the latter certainly felt 

Is this a known problem (I couldn't find anything about it)? Any 
suggestions on what I might try to fix this?

  Steven Don

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