[Samba] About Length of Mountpoint(mounting smb shares on linux mntpoint)

Louis Lam lsauchun at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:14:18 GMT 2002


I am writing a clone of the "smbmnt". This is to facilitate mounting of a 
smb mountpoint with a FiST-Style (stackable) file system.

smbmnt.c(ver samba-2.0.7), uses fullpath() to check for the MAXPATHLEN of 
the mount-point specified. Unless i've made a mistake, the MAXPATHLEN is 
defined in "includes.h" which is of len 256. fullpath() checks this 
mount-point name to see that the path is not greater than 256. If it is so, 
then it will return NULL.

I've tried to create a directory(mount point) whose name is 256 chars long, 
and I can still call smbmount to mount it.

Q1. In this case, shouldn't fullpath return NULL and the smbmount(which in 
turn calls smbmnt) fail?

Q2. What is the reason for checking this MAXPATHLEN?

Thank you in advance

Louis Lam

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