[Samba] Mac OS X Server!!!!!!!!

Eric R. Benoit ebenoit at hopevale.com
Tue Feb 5 17:39:03 GMT 2002

Does anyone have a clue as to connect a windows 98se machine to an 
account on a Mac OS X Server!
I have spent days reading documentation from both Samba docs and Mac OS 
X (which did not help jack!) and trying to implement. The trouble I'm 
having could be either with the client or the server end with these 
possible problems ...if they are even problems; some irc specification I 
overlooked, I do not have a wins server, I do not have a DNS server in 
house- using 192.*.*. 1-255 getting our numbers from an outside DNS, or 
hate is a strong word I'll use microsoft is not a pleasent company. 
Please ...I have spent way too much time doing this. Can anyone point me 
in the right direction for some real documentation!  :)

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