[Samba] Usernames from ip-addresses

Lasse Kärkkäinen tronic2 at sci.fi
Tue Feb 5 16:58:12 GMT 2002


This time I have a LAN-party with apprx. 100 random PCs.

I need a share-directory, accessible to everybody, "anonymously". Users 
should be able to read all files and write/create their own files (not 
others' files).

I know that this can be done by creating user-account for each user and 
by fighting a lot on the client-side, especially with W98-boxes; but 
this must be fully automated. Users should preferrably be named after 
their IP-addresses (which are unique and static) and no passwords should 
be required. If naming after IP-addresses is not possible, the second 
option would be naming after smb-hostname or smb-username... 
User-accounts should be transparently created as users connect, no 
matter which OS they are using (well, they all have W98, NT 5.0 or 

Does Samba support this kind of operation? If not, does anyone have 
other clever suggestions?

Thanks for your precious time ;)

- Tronic -

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