AW: [Samba] where do Domain Admins and Domain user group in UNIX box?

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this is simple and, whats better, its explained in the HowTo, which should
be included in your Samba-version.
As I don't like getting pure RTFM-answers, I also won't give these idiotic
answers. So, here's the relevant extract:

domain admin group (G)
This parameter is intended as a temporary solution to enable users to be a
member of the "Domain Admins" group when a Samba host is acting as a PDC. A
complete solution will be provided by a system for mapping Windows NT/2000
groups onto UNIX groups. Please note that this parameter has a somewhat
confusing name. It accepts a list of usernames and of group names in
standard smb.conf notation.

See also domain guest group, domain logons

Default: no domain administrators

Example: domain admin group = root @wheel

For more details, refer to the Samba-PDC-HowTo and the manpage 5 of



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The setup is -

Samba 2.2 is configured as a Primary Domain Controller
on Solaris, and one NT workstation is included in that

Now -

1.  where we can see "Domain Admins" and "Domain
Users" groups in Unix box?

2. How do we add user to these "Domain Admins" and
"Domain Users" groups?

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