[Samba] need help with desktop.ini problems

JasonF jasonf at pigging.com
Tue Feb 5 12:37:00 GMT 2002

I have a problem with SAMBA that I'm hoping someone will know something about.

I have compiled and configured SAMBA 2.2.2 a number of ways and have found that I always 
get VERY slow (30-60 seconds) browse access from my various Windows machines.  Whenever 
a Windows client tries to browse a share SAMBA goes through quite a lot, but with 'debug level 
= 4' I can see in my log.smbd file many attempts to find and open 'DESKTOP.INI", some of which 
can take 30 seconds, all of which fail.  Samba looks in several places for this non-existent file 
before giving up.  It fails to find the file, but not until my official DNS server at my ISP gives up.  
So after a LOOOONG delay, the originally requested share is opened and displayed to the client.

I understand the reason that this is happening, it's actually the Windows client asking for the file 
and recursing the directory tree if it can't find it, it's not truly a problem with SAMBA itself.

Can anyone tell me how to correct or work around this?  In my rather exhaustive Internet search 
for a resolution to this issue I've seen the question asked many times but never seen an answer.

Thanks to all,

Jason Farque

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