[Samba] 2 GB Limit

Loo, Joseph loo at littongcs.com
Tue Feb 5 12:26:05 GMT 2002

I believe there was a discussion on this a while back. You will need to
change to a different filesystem on the Linux side, e.g., jfs, ext3, xfs.
You will then need to compile samba with large files.

As far as I know, ntfs does not have this limitation. NFS version 1.0 may
have this limitation but not 2.0.

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since I do a lot multimedia, I encountered an obvious limit in filesize
at 2 GB. AFAIK filesystem limit on both sides is 4 GB (ntfs / ext2). At
least I have bigger files on any size. what can I do?

samba 2.2.1a


Hartmut Steffin

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