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m.o.tigchelaar at kpn.com m.o.tigchelaar at kpn.com
Tue Feb 5 06:31:07 GMT 2002

Hi there Symon,

That's a very nice offer you are making here... I was just wandering:
judging on your e-mail address it seems to me that you are working for some
kind of government institution, right? So actually you're giving away
government funds because you just love free software. Don't get me wrong -
think it is a good idea, but I guess you're just lucky that you do not have
to explain this to the tax payers...:-)


Martijn Tigchelaar.

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Good afternoon,

We use Samba on 5 Solaris boxes, and find it works incredibly well.  We
would like to make a financial contribution to the project, and would like
an idea of what sort of per machine donation would be appropriate.  I need
to ask this and not just pay what we think is justifiable, due to the way
internal budget mechanisms work.

My initial request and subsequent explanations of "paying" for free software
with pizza was shot down in flames.  This is the best chance I have of
getting some funds your way.

Thanks for your time (and software),

- Symon...

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