[Samba] samba file size limit

Anders Widman andewid at tnonline.net
Mon Feb 4 16:30:44 GMT 2002

Not that I am aware of. 2GB seems strange as a file-limit. Anyway. I have a similiar proble (wich I posted to this list, but didnät get a sollution for) wiich is that samba drops the connection when copying several large file 
s (aprox 1gb each),, This is only happenning when a fast ( 1GHz +) Windows box (only tried with xp though) is transfering to samba over a 100mbit lan.


2002-02-04 17:24:30, "Rivera, Anthony R (ITSC)" <Anthony.Rivera at mail.ihs.gov> wrote:

>Using Samba 2.05a under AIX 4.3.3 with a large-file-enabled filesystem, I am
>unable to see a 3 GB file through Samba. Is there a hard 2 GB file size
>limit? Is there any way to fix this? 
>Thank you.
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