[Samba] NIS group calls, 2.0.7 vrs 2.2.2

Greg Whynott gwhynott at aw.sgi.com
Mon Feb 4 11:23:04 GMT 2002


	Its my understanding the calls 2.0.7 makes to request NIS group
information is different than 2.2.2 (setgrent,getgrent, endgrent vrs
getgrnam() ). 

In our enviroment we have a group named 'dev'.  A few hundred users are
part of this group but it is not the users primary group.  If I use the
"valid users = @dev" under a share,  only persons who's primary group is
dev are granted access under 2.2.2.  Is there a solution for this
without changing the users primary group or listing the users primary
group? ( some primary groups list persons we wish not to have access).  

In 2.0.7 things work as expected.  If your in the dev group your granted
access,  even when it is not your primary group. 

thanks for your time,

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