[Samba] Samba 2.2.3 doesn´t compile on HPUX 10.20

thomas.tiedtke at snafu.de thomas.tiedtke at snafu.de
Mon Feb 4 05:17:15 GMT 2002


I try to compile the new 2.2.3 Release on a HPUX 10.20 Box. After a autoconf, 
configure --prefix=... (nothing else changed as config paths)a gmake give me:

Compiling smb/server.c
In file included from include/includes.h:722,
                 from smbd/server.c:22
nsswitch/nss.h:81:22: nsswitch.h: No such file or directroy
gmake : *** [smbd/server.o] Error1

I take a look on a HPUX 11.x Box, where I have found a 
\usr\include\nsswitch.h ...
On the HPUX 10.20 Boxes was no nsswitch.h found ... maybe introduced with HPUX 

I not sure, but the nsswitch funktion is only necessary to build the winbindd, 
what is unsupported an HPUX 10.20, so isn´t needful to compile.


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