[Samba] RID - how do I get it?

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Sun Feb 3 22:44:03 GMT 2002

Ok, perhaps I will do that calculation in my ldap manager to set it all at once.
 This would work too correct?

Quoting Chris Bünger <cb at trimon.de>:

 First you create a posix user account in your ldap. after you got him
 running do "smbpasswd -a username -D 256". smbpasswd calculates the Relative
 IDentifer for you (UID * 2 +1000). the rid is for windows user management.
 i found out that only the last SAMBA_2_2 releases delivered the correct rid.
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 > Hello!
 > I am testing the ldap functions and I see that I need an RID of some
 > sort.  What is it?  Can it be the same as the unix uid?  Is there a way
 > I must generate one first?   I looked in the smbpasswd man page in hopes
 > of finding it in there but no luck.
 > Thank you for the insight!
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