[Samba] Autostart of SMB

Hactar eben at gate.net
Sun Feb 3 18:03:05 GMT 2002

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Michael Lueck wrote:

> I usually don't start X unless I want to open a few term sessions,
> editors, etc... So does that mean 0 and 6 is enough????

0=reboot, 1=single-user, 2=normal-but-no-NFS, 3=normal, 4=unused, 5=XDM,
6=halt.  At least that's from memory, and it may vary by distribution.
ICBW; check /etc/inittab.

So normally you boot into runlevel 3, if you don't use XDM.  Look for a
line "id:initdefault:3"  or similar.  Very bad things will happen if you
set initdefault to 0 or 6.

> What about stop links???? This means if I switch into that level the task
> stops?

Yes.  As you'd (probably) like it to do if you switch into runlevel 1.
Normally, you want as few processes running as possible there.

> Or they are required to actually down the task when I
> reboot the OS?

They're not _required_, as obviously nothing's going to be running when
the machine's off, and it works now, without them.  But Samba may have
state that it doesn't have a chance to save, if it's killed by the OS
going down.

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