[Samba] <printer-name> on <netbios-name> Access denied, unable to connect

Matthew Whitworth matthew at okcomputer.org
Sun Feb 3 12:58:03 GMT 2002

My formerly working samba(2.2.2)/lprng(3.8.2) system has recently gone
odd.  After printing documents from a Win2k client, the system tray
printer icon sticks around (forever) with a mouse-over message that says
"1 document(s) pending for <username>".  When I double click on the system
tray printer icon, the queue window appears to be empty, but the titlebar
says "<printer-name> on <netbios-name> Access denied, unable to connect".
My print jobs print just fine, though.  Ideas...?



struct matthew_whitworth {
    char *email;
    char *url;
} mw = { "matthew at okcomputer.org", "http://www.okcomputer.org/~matthew/" };

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