[Samba] What happened to "samba start/stop"?

Ambrose Scafidi scafidi at iinet.net.au
Sat Feb 2 06:13:03 GMT 2002

Howdy all,
	Just upgraded my Linux box to RH 7.2 and am having a lot of "fun" 
discovering all the changes from my previous, and familiar, RH7.0 . I 
managed to get samba 2.2.1a-4 up and running with less fuss than I have 
ever had before (yay) but I could not help but notice that my old means of 
restarting the service is no more. I am utterly ignorant of how these 
things work, but when I alter my smb.conf, is the only way to enact the 
changes immediately via killing the daemons and restarting with "smbd -D ; 
nmbd -D".

	A second quick point, where is SWAT?

In Zeros and Ones,

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