[Samba] Choice In LDAP Server's?

Michael Cunningham m.cunningham at xpedite.com
Fri Feb 1 20:40:11 GMT 2002

> I've recently been evaluating different LDAP servers, and I have found
> Novell's eDirectory for Linux to be a very appropriate choice 
> for my needs.
> My question is can Samba support LDAP servers other than 
> iPlanet's, and the
> obvious OpenLDAP? I would think so, but are any changes 
> required the schema
> files, etc? I'd greatly appreciate a response . . . thanks, 
> in advance.

Novells ldap server is nice. We looked at Iplanet directory server
and OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP came out on top because of cost
and the fact the source is avaliable. We have 2k people at our 
company and everything authenticates from ldap.. 
web/proxy/unix/windows/email/etc.. Openldap handles it with 

As far as samba and ldap go.. it will work fine with Novell's 
edirectory server. and yes there will be schema additions required.. 

See this link for the schema. 


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