[Samba] Re: Samba 2.2.2 & WinXP

Mike A. Oligny pandaro at freebsd.schema.ca
Fri Feb 1 09:44:07 GMT 2002


> > But, WinXP doesn't.... when I tries to login to the
> > Samba, I've got error massage "Windows cannot connect to
> > the Domain, either because the domain controller is down
> > or otherwise unviable, or because your computer account
> > can't be found...."

> Have you checked the samba tarball for the windows XP
> registry patch to allow it to connect to samba?

This is the problem I'm having now - SignOrSeal makes no
difference for me.  (Change it to 0 before joining, change it
to zero after joining, whatever...)
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