[Samba] Re: FreeBSD

Mike A. Oligny pandaro at freebsd.schema.ca
Fri Feb 1 09:42:00 GMT 2002

For some reason, people on this list don't reply *to the
list* - so as much as I appreciate the seven direct replies
I've received, this *is quite inefficient.

Maybe I am just unaware of some strange rules governing
SAMBA mailing lists? :)

Some additional info on my questions in-line.

> I am wondering if anyone has been able to get the add user
> script to work with 'adduser'?  I've seen a lot of messages
> from Linux users guessing how it *should work, but it always
> runs interactively for me.  :)

For the archives, I found this with Google:

	# $FreeBSD: src/usr.sbin/adduser/adduser.perl,v
	# 2001/04/23 06:55:24 dougb Exp $
	# addcomputer is a hacked version of adduser
	# specifically designed to add computer accounts
	# that work with Samba.  Modified By Joseph Olt
	# <jolt-mail at nicholasofmyra.org>

It works great.  Thanks to everyone who replied.  :)

> Other question - I've been searching for "failed to find a
> DC in the specified domain" without success.  Log at bottom.

Guess it doesn't work so well over VPN connections?  I read
something about this and tried with another computer that
was on the LAN - it got further [XP Machine] -  joined the
domain, but after reboot I am unable to login to domain.  As
another user commented, there was no noticeable delay
between clicking button and the error appearing.  SignOrSeal
requirement turned off.

I searched and searched and kept finding other people having
this problem... but not a single answer.

Any ideas?

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