[Samba] WINS problems

Yan Seiner yan at cardinalengineering.com
Fri Feb 1 09:12:12 GMT 2002

I have one machine that steadfastly is giving me problems.  It is BFT1 
in the logs below:

  process_host_announce: from BFT1<00> IP to 
BUILDUS.LAN<1d> for server BFT1.
[2002/02/01 11:04:04, 3] 
[2002/02/01 11:05:04, 3] nmbd/nmbd_serverlistdb.c:write_browse_list(458)
  write_browse_list: Wrote browse list into file 
[2002/02/01 11:05:28, 3] 
  wins_process_name_query: name query for name BFT1<20> from IP
[2002/02/01 11:05:28, 3] 
  wins_process_name_query: name query for name BFT1<20> not found - 
doing dns lookup.
[2002/02/01 11:05:28, 3] nmbd/asyncdns.c:queue_dns_query(308)
  added DNS query for BFT1<20>
[2002/02/01 11:05:28, 3] nmbd/asyncdns.c:add_dns_result(37)
  add_dns_result: Negative DNS answer for BFT1

Why is bft1 not found?  It is registered with WINS, it is in the 
browse.dat file:

[root at pythia samba-2.2.2]# cat /var/lock/samba-2.2.2/browse.dat
"BUILDUS.LAN"             c0001000 "PHOENIX"                     
"PHOENIX"                 400d9b0b "Samba Password Server for Lowcountry 
Land Center" "BUILDUS.LAN"
"APHRODITE"               40009b03 "Samba Server for Lowcountry Land 
"TDS400-16760"            40011603 ""                            
"CARDINAL.LAN"            c0001000 "XYZ"                         
"BFT3"                    40412003 "david"                       
"BFT2"                    40412003 "File room"                   
"BFT5"                    40412003 "Cad1"                        
"BFT1"                    40412203 "ROBERT"                      
"BFT4"                    40412203 "Front desk"                  

So why is it not showing up????

BFT5, which is AFAICT configured identically, works fine.

It shows up in NN but when we try to access it, we get "not accessible" 


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