[Samba] Moving to 2.2.x to support 2000/XP. Gotchas?

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Fri Feb 1 05:40:19 GMT 2002

Hi all,

	I've been running Samba since 1.9.15p8.

I'm currently running it with 1.9.18p8 and just about every Windows
client under the sun. (DOS, WfWg, 9x/Me, NT4 Server, 2000, XP Pro)

XP and 2000 are have the odd problem connecting, so I'm finally getting
around to moving to 2.2.x

I'm reading all the doco I can find at samba.org, but I was wondering if
there's any 'hints 'n tips' that I should be aware of.  Perhaps little
details that I might overlook.

Also, I'm going to be moving over to encrypted passwords for Samba
authentication.  But I still want to use UNIX as the source of passwords
so I need some sort of transition technique. Any suggestions? (I'll be
arranging for the UNIX 'passwd' program to keep the smbpasswd file up to
date (Ah, I've got multiple Samba servers, do they each have their _own_
smbpasswd file? ugh).)

And finally, in order to keep 'The Powers That Be' happy I'm going to
have to do something towards a PDC.
in particular to allow our 'Microsoft Man' to deploy Group Policies to
the 2000/XP clients. (this is a subject about which I know nothing, and
would rather keep it that way if possible).

If it makes a difference I'm using IRIX 6.5.5f (so I'm hoping to get kernel

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