[Samba] Re: Fwd: Samba & Referrals

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Thu Jan 9 23:36:41 GMT 2003

At 12:54 29.12.2002 +0100, Lionel Porcheron wrote:
> > Ups...I forgot to ask witch samba version you're using
> >
> > 2.2.* doesn't support referrals at all :-(
>It is on a production server, so it is 2.2.7a.

if you take the patch from here 
http://www.unav.es/cti/ldap-smb/ldap-smb-2_2-howto.html#patches it should 
work with 2.2.7a too...

> > but in the 3.0alpha21 and in HEAD/CVS it should work :-)
>Ok. But you told that the user admin should be valid on all the servers. 
>But that implies that i have the same admin on each database which limits 
>the interest of the referal (and the delegation of the administration)

you need to know witch password is for witch server (if you know an 
application that handles that on top of openldap please tell me)

then you can extend the above patch if you want
(I didn't have the time for it now, sorry)
but please mail it to samba-technical at samba.org, if you have a solution

Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de>

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