[Samba] Solaris Date getting changed while using samba

Jim Carter jimc at math.ucla.edu
Tue Dec 31 19:10:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Animesh Kumar wrote:
> Date on my solaris shows
> Fri Dec 27 15:16:01 GMT 2002
> when  I touch a file called testdate.txt on solaris, ls option shows
> this:
> -rw-r--r--   1 animesh  globalfleet       0 Dec 27 15:16 testdate.txt
> But When I view the same file on my won 2k machine after mapping
> solaris,
> I sea this timestamp : 12/28/2002 1:46 am against this file name.

Quickly looking through my inbox I didn't see that this was answered, so
I'll give it a try.  The date shown for the file on Solaris and on Windows
is the same, provided your timezone is +09:30, which would put you in Japan
or Korea or one of the Pacific islands (not India / Bhangla Desh).  The
Solaris machine has a timezone of GMT, whereas the Windows machine has some
other timezone.

Your mail is dated 27 Dec 2002 15:13 -05:30, placing you in Bangalore,
Bhopal, Calcutta, etc.  I think you need to set the right timezone on the
Windows machine (and then set the clock).  It is common on UNIX machines to
use GMT, but if this is causing confusion, you can locate Sun's
instructions for how to set a different timezone.

Hope this helps!

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