[Samba] ADS support in 3.0alpha on slowlaris 8

Chris Croswhite ccroswhite at get2chip.com
Tue Dec 31 19:05:01 GMT 2002


Anyone had success with compiling samba-30alpha21 or samba head to 
include ADS. If so, what am I doing wrong with my compiliation.   Here 
is my config line:

CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba3 
--with-ads=yes --with-ldap=yes  --disable-mysqltest

When I check the include/config.h file it is missing the "HAVE_LDAP 1" 
define line.  I have added this manually.  When compiling I only get a 
couple of warnings.  I can see that it builds lib/libads and then links 
everything properly.  However, when I try the "net ads join" command, I 
get an error indicating that ADS support is not compiled into the 
executable.  What am I doing wrong?


slowlaris 8, utlra sparc 2
gcc 2.95.3
gnu ld
gnu make
gnu ar
Berkeley DB


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