[Samba] win98 browsing problem across VPN subnets

snowch at care4pcs.info snowch at care4pcs.info
Tue Dec 31 09:34:01 GMT 2002

I've setup the e-smith server as the PDC.  I've setup the remote clients to use this server for WINS, and to logon to NT DOMAIN.

The remote clients can't see the PDC shares from network neighborhood, but the shares can be mapped by running \\server_name\share_name

Any ideas?



On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 06:08:21PM -0500, snowch at care4pcs.info wrote:
> I have just setup a VPN connection three sites using IPCOP. 
> Everything seems to be talking ok, apart from browsing the network neighborhood.  There are no NT/Win2K/XP servers running on any of the sites, all sites are just running win98 pc's using tcp/ip.  I have tried configuring all PC's to be on the same workgroup and setup sharing, but still each site can only see the pc's connected on it's that site.  
> I have read in some newsgroups that I need to setup a WINS server, and others have suggested setting up a PDC server. Who is correct? 
> I have an e-smith server (linux/samba/qmail/etc) that is running at one site to distribute emails, and I have the possibility of setting this server to be a (samba) domain master.  Would this resolve my browsing problem, or would I need to setup WINS browsing?  
> Any help will be appreciated...
> Thanks,
> Chris Snow
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