[Samba] how to verify the connection between a Samba server and a Windows Xp client?

Michael Gong wgong1109 at rogers.com
Tue Dec 31 03:46:00 GMT 2002

Hi, there,

I have 2 machines ( running Linux Red Hat 8.0 and Windows Xp individually),
which share a broadband Internet connection through a router.

After installing Samba 2.2.7.a on Linux machine, I can use "smbclient" to
access Windows machines, see the files and transfer files.

Linux machine info:
    name: WINNY
    share folder name: gong
    valid user: gong
    password: 710224

Windows Xp machine info:
    name: GONG
    log in as user: gong
    log in password: 710224

step 1:
On Linux machine, I can use:
    smbclient //WINNY/gong -U gong%710224

        //this command runs successfully, so that the Linux Samba server
works fine.
        // and it can accept user name and password.

step 2:
    delete the log.winny file on Linux.

step 3:

On Xp machine, I use:
    net use z: \\WINNY\gong /user:gong

        // it doesn't work, it reported: "The network path was not found".

step 4:
    try to open log.winny file, but it doesn't exist. Therefore, the Samba
doesn't even receive the request from Xp client.

So my question is:
    how to verify the connection between these 2 machines works?

By the way:
    On Xp machine, I can use:
        ping WINNY

    both works.

Could you give me any suggestion?

Thanks ahead!


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