[Samba] Can't access Linux from Windows Xp box.

Michael Gong wgong1109 at rogers.com
Mon Dec 30 05:42:01 GMT 2002

Hi, there,

I have 2 machines ( running Linux Red Hat 8.0 and Windows Xp individually),
which share a broadband Internet connection through a router.

After installing Samba 2.2.7.a on Linux machine, I can use "smbclient" to
access Windows machines, see the files and transfer files.

But from Windows machine, I can only see the Linux machine under "My Network
Place" --> MSHOME (workgroup). After I double click the icon, it reported:
    "\\Winny is not accessable. ...
        No service is operating at the destination network endpoint on the
remote system."

Under Windows machine,
    1. I can ping the Linux machine using either IP or machine name.
    2. Using "net view" command, the Linux machine appears on the list.

I suspect that there is someting wrong with authenicating Windows user on
Linux machine. But I don't know how to diagnostic this problem.

Could you give me any suggestion?

Thanks ahead!


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