[Samba] Multiple domain browselist over a wanlink

Mikevl Mikevl at paradise.net.nz
Sun Dec 29 21:28:01 GMT 2002

I don't know about the rest but the remote announce should be pointed at
x.x.x.255 for sure. Try this


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I'm trying to generate a multiple domain browselist but I don't get it to
I've tried everyting by the book but the result is always the same:

I can see the other workgroup(s) but they are empty. Currently I've added
the following rules to the smb.conf
   remote browse sync =
   remote announce =

As far as I understand both should do the trick but even together they
don't work.

Two samba servers (2.2.7a) connected by a iptunnel (no broadcasts) both
with own domain/workgroup

Here are the current browselists:

Browselist 1
"QUICKSOFT"               c0001000 "LUNA"                        "QUICKSOFT"
"LUNA"                    400d9a03 "Luna our moon"               "QUICKSOFT"
"THETAURI"                c0001000 "NEPTUNE"                     "THETAURI"
"NOX"                     40011003 ""                            "QUICKSOFT"
"LAPPIE"                  40011003 ""                            "QUICKSOFT"
"PHOBOS"                  40011003 ""                            "QUICKSOFT"
"WERK"                    80001000 "COBAIN"                      "WERK"

Browselist 2
"THETAURI"                c0001000 "TERRA"                       "THETAURI"
"TERRA"                   400d9a03 ""                            "THETAURI"
"URANUS"                  40011007 ""                            "THETAURI"
"SATURNUS"                42029203 ""                            "THETAURI"
"QUICKSOFT"               80001000 "LUNA"                        "QUICKSOFT"

Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening here?



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