[Samba] File Replication Question

Vernon A. Fort vfort at provident-solutions.com
Fri Dec 27 20:06:00 GMT 2002

I have a user that works in two separate locations, a PC at each location (2
days at one and 3 at the other).  We have a VPN connecting both sites and
currently we map the drive with samba, via the VPN link when off-site.  This
has been difficult because most of the time, the VPN link is slow and some
of his files are quite large.  I was thinking of putting a samba server at
the remote site and synchronizing the directory structure when he's
traveling between the two sites.

I was thinking of using rsync to accomplish this but is this my only option.
I do believe rsync will work well but I'm curious if there is any other
method like DFS.....

Any thoughts


Vernon A. Fort (Andy)
Provident Solutions, LLC
(615) 427-4016 http://www.provident-solutions.com

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