[Samba] Cross-subnet browsing, interfaces

Christopher Swingley cswingle at iarc.uaf.edu
Fri Dec 27 18:38:01 GMT 2002


I recently upgraded my Samba server and am now running Debian sid's 
samba-2.999+3.0.alpha20-4.  I have the following domain / workgroup / 
browsing options set in /etc/samba/smb.conf:

   interfaces = eth0

   os level = 65
   local master = yes
   domain master = yes 
   domain logons = no 
   preferred master = yes
   enhanced browsing = yes
   wins support = yes
   dns proxy = yes 
   name resolve order = wins lmhosts

As far as I know my Samba server is the only master browser serving this 
particular workgroup, and each of my Windows clients have this server 
assigned as the only WINS server.  All clients are assigned to the 
workgroup that this server is the master for, and all clients use local 
authentication which is sync-ed to the passwords (passwd / smbpasswd) on 
the Samba server.

I can communicate between subnets 52 and 54, but the browse lists on 
clients don't show the computers from the other subnet (i.e. a subnet 52 
client only sees subnet 52 computers, despite being able to access the 
Samba server running on subnet 54).

I'm also seeing things in the system logs that I don't recall seeing 

    Dec 27 07:05:05 foobar nmbd[3845]: 
    Dec 27 07:05:05 foobar nmbd[3845]:  +> 


    Dec 27 08:20:50 foobar smbd[4833]: [2002/12/27 08:19:38, 0] 
    Dec 27 08:20:50 foobar smbd[4833]: [2002/12/27 08:19:38, 0] 
    Dec 27 08:20:50 foobar smbd[4833]:   getpeername failed. Error was 
        Transport endpoint is not connected  
    Dec 27 08:20:50 foobar smbd[4833]:   Denied connection from (  

Anyway, so far I haven't had any reports of problems, but the log 
entries and the lack of cross-subnet browse lists make me nervous.  Am I 
doing something wrong here?  What is the significance of 

Thanks very much,

Christopher S. Swingley           email: cswingle at iarc.uaf.edu
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